translation work

Julian is a bilingual speaker, reader and writer of Japanese and English and a translator, interpreter and subtitlist. He has translated texts for books, museum catalogues and academic journals. He has subtitled films for Museum of Modern Art and Tate Modern. He has been an interpreter for Film Festival Locarno (2016-19), Japan Image Council (2013), IDFA (2013) and IFFR (2012-19).

Stedelijk Museum / De Appel - performance by Xin Shen [live translation into computer]
Locarno Film Festival [interpreter] for Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Atsuko Maeda: press conference and Piazza Grande intro


CinemAsia [interpreter]

Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited exhibition catalogue [translator; catalogue essay]
Locarno Film Festival [interpreter]

Locarno Film Festival [interpreter]
Sex Game (Adachi Masao, 1968) for IFFR [subtitlist]
Abe Sada (Awazu Kiyoshi, 1967) for Tate Modern [subtitlist]
Mona Lisa’s Queue (Fujiko Nakaya, 1972) for Tate Modern [subtitlist]
Etsuko Kawamura [exhibition catalogue; translator]
Catalogue notes for Image Forum Film Festival [translator]
IFFR [interpreter]
London Gallery West / University of Westminster [interpreter]
Tate Modern [interpreter]

Matsutani Currents [exhibition catalogue; translator]
The Cinema of Theo Angepoulos [2 articles in book; translator]
Nippon Connection [interpreter]
Artist of Fasting (Adachi Masao, 2015) [subtitlist]
Mr. S & Doraemon (Suzuki Hikaru, 2012) [subtitlist]

Film Manifestoes and Global Film Cultures: A Critical Anthology [1 article in book; translator]
Camera Japan [interpreter]
Nippon Connection [interpreter]

Film Quarterly [1 article in journal; translator]
MoMA [interpreter]
IDFA [interpreter]

Masao Adachi [2 articles in book; translator]
JAPIC [interpreter]
Tate Modern [interpreter]
Nippon Connection [interpreter]
Crazy Love for MoMA [subtitlist]
Shinjuku Station for MoMA [subtitlist]
Twilight Draws Near for MoMA [subtitlist]
Throw Away Your Books, Let’s Go Into the Streets for MoMA [subtitlist]
AKA Serial Killer for MoMA [subtitlist]
Closed Vagina for MoMA [subtitlist]
Human for MoMA [subtitlist]
The Morning Schedule for MoMA [subtitlist]
Mermaid Legend for MoMA [subtitlist]
2 Shuji Terayama short films for Tate Modern [subtitlist]

Nippon Connection [interpreter]
Galaxy (Adachi Masao, 1967) [subtitlist]
Film for Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival [subtitlist]