academic work

Julian is a Lecturer at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), University of Westminster. He was a recipient of a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship and holds a PhD on 1960-70s Japanese Expanded Cinema at the University of Leeds. He is Series co-Editor of the IB Tauris World Cinema Series and department newsletter CREAM News.

'Rebellion of the Body: Hijikata Tatsumi, Performance Documentation and Japanese Experimental Film' in Federico Windhausen (ed.), A Companion to Experimental Cinema [book chapter; writer]
’America, America, America: Japanese artists in the United States in the Sixties and Seventies’ in Shanay Jhaveri (ed.), America: Films from Elsewhere [book chapter; writer]
'Performance in Print: Channeling Tōmatsu Shōmei’s NO.541’ in Photography & Culture, July 2018 [journal article; co-written with Jelena Stojkovic]
’(Reopening) the Open Frame’ in Film in the Present Tense: Why can’t we stop talking about analogue film? (Archive Books) [book chapter; co-written with Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzáles]
’Interview with Lukas Marxt’ in Lukas Marxt: From Light to Cold (VfmK) [exhibition catalogue; interviewer]
Lecture ‘Sogetsu Art Center and Japanese Experimental Animation’ at Laznia Center for Contemporary Art (8 Feb)
Panel ‘Artists’ Film in Asia’ at International Film Festival Rotterdam (29 Jan) [co-convenor]
Speakers: May Adadol Ingawanij, Chanel Kong, Philippa Lovatt, Su Hui-yu, Nguyen Trinh Thi and Madiha Aijaz.
Report by Becca Voelcker
Asia through the Aperture workshop 2 at Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival, Birkbeck Cinema (8 June) [co-organiser]
MA Curating Film and Video at Leiden University
BA Avant-Garde Film and Expanded Cinema at Leiden University
BA Transmedia Storytelling at Leiden University
MA Asian Cinema: Time, History and Memory (x2 classes) at MA Film, Television and Moving Image at University of Westminster
MA Moving Image (x1 class) at MA Moving Image at Royal College of Art
MA Film Programming (x2 classes) at University of Reading (co-convenor)
MA Artists' Film & Moving Image at Goldsmiths, University of London (x1 tutorial session)
MA Film - Artistic Research in and through cinema at Nederlands Filmacademie (x1 class, x1 tutorial session and x1 external examiner)


NANG issue 4: In & Out, May 2018 [journal; co-editor with Maryam Tafakory]
'Japanese Artists' Film in 1968-69' in Jasia Reichardt (ed.), Fluorescent Chrysanthemum Revisited. Exh. Cat. Laznia Center for Contemporary Art [article; writer]
'Kazuo Hara: Shoes Still On' for Open City Documentary Festival booklet and their Kazuo Hara retrospective
NECS Conference at University of Amsterdam (27-29 June) [speaker]
Symbiotic Cinema conference at Linnaeus University, Sweden (6-8 September) [speaker]
Copy-Past conference at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj (18-19 May) [speaker]
Short Lecture on Japanese Expanded Cinema at Rikumo, Philadelphia (13 June) [speaker]
Masterclass with Kazuo Hara at Bertha Dochouse, Open City Documentary Festival (6 September) [moderator]
Panel 'The Tremors of the Japanese New Wave'' at The Barbican, Japan Avant-Garde Experimental Film Festival (23 September) [participant]
Workshop ‘Asia through the Aperture’ at University of Westminster (18 September) [co-organiser and panelist]
MA Researching Histories in Asian Cinema at University of Westminster [module co-leader]
MA Film Programming and Moving Image Curation at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer]
BA Fine Arts at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer]
MA Final Projects at University of Westminster [supervisor]

Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited exhibition catalogue [writer; catalogue essay]
Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited exhibition catalogue [translator; catalogue essays]
Conferences & Talks
Invisible, Intermedia, Expanded – the Possibilities of Cinema at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (9 October) [symposium; speaker]
The Intermedial Avant-Gardes Workshop 3 at University of Edinburgh (24 February) [workshop; speaker]
Underground Adventures: Temporal Experimentation in Postwar Countercultures in Berlin (24-25 Mar 2017) [conference; speaker]
Screen conference at University of Glasgow (24-25 June) [conference; speaker]
NECS conference at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 (29 June - 1 July) [conference; speaker]
Theatricality and the Arts symposium at Lancaster University (23-24 Sep) [symposium; speaker]
The Moving Form of Film: Exploring Intermediality as a Historiographic Method at University of Reading (6-8 Nov) [conference; speaker]
1960s Japanese Expanded Cinema at NYU (10 March) [symposium; speaker]
Lav Diaz: Journeys at London Gallery West (27 January - 12 March) [symposium; co-convenor]
Attachments and Unknowns at Sa Sa Bassac, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (15-20 Jan) [workshop; participant]
MA module Film Programming and Moving Image Curating at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer; class 2016-17]
MA module Researching Histories in Asian Cinema at University of Westminster [co-convenor; class 2016-17]
MA Final Project [student research projects; supervisor]
Class at University of Reading [contributing lecturer]

‘Curating Problems for Expanded Cinema’ in Preservation, Radicalism and the Avant-Garde Canon [book chapter; writer]
パフォーマンスとしてのエクスパンデッド・シネマ in アメリカン・アヴァンギャルド・ムービー [book chapter; writer]
Conferences and Talks
Throwing Shadows: A Symposium on Japanese Expanded Cinema [symposium; convenor]
Galaxy ’67 at Asia Cultural Centre, Gwangju [symposium; speaker]
Talk at National Fine Art Museum Taiwan (13 Oct) [public talk; speaker]
Talk at Los Otros, Quezon, Philippines (16 Oct) [public talk; speaker]
Understanding Intermediality at University of Reading [workshop; respondent]
Talk at American University of Paris [speaker]
NECS at University of Potsdam [conference; speaker]
BAFTSS at University of Reading [conference; speaker]
ACLA at Harvard University [conference; speaker]
MA module Cinema: Distribution & Exhibition at University of Westminster [lecturer]
MA module Asian Cinemas at University of Westminster [co-convenor]
MA module Experimental Film at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer]
BA module Cinema & Transcultural at SOAS [contributing lecturer]
Class at SOAS [teacher]
Class at MRes LUX/Central St. Martin's [teacher]

PhD: ‘Beyond the Frames: Intermedia and Expanded Cinema in 1960-70s Japan’
, University of Leeds [PhD dissertation; writer]
‘Ethics of the Landscape Shot: A.K.A Serial Killer and James Benning’s portrait of criminals’ in Slow Cinema [book chapter; writer]
‘An infant with four breasts? Slide Projectors in Postwar Japanese Art’ in Photoresearcher (24) [journal article; writer]
‘Geological Time, the Anthropocene and Earthquake Sensitivities: An Interview with Kodwo Eshun’ in The Geological Imagination [book chapter; interviewer/writer]
Conferences & Talks
A Slideshow Effect? at The Photographers’ Gallery [panel; co-convenor with Jelena Stojkovic]
Talk at The Photographers’ Gallery [panel; speaker]
Kinema Japan at Goethe University, Frankfurt [conference; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [lecture; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [workshop; speaker]
Grants & Projects
Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at University of Westminster (2015-18) [grant recipient]
AHRC-FAPESP: Towards an Intermedial history of Brazilian Cinema: Exploring Intermediality as a Historiographic Method at University of Reading [collaborative project; advisory board member]

‘Projection as Performance: The Degrees of Intermediality in Japan’s Expanded Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s in Impure Cinema [book chapter; writer]
‘In the Realm of the Senses’ in Routledge Encyclopaedia of Film [book chapter; writer]
映画における直接行動in 赤瀬川原平 [book chapter; writer]
もうヨーロッパに何も期待しなくていいんだ』日本の非商業映画・実験映画ヨーロッパ公開史in 言語文化 (no. 30)  [journal article; writer]
Conferences & Talks
'Projection Installations in Japan, 1960s-1970s' for C-MAP at MoMA [speaker; workshop]
Globally in Artist’ Film & Video at University of Westminster [symposium; speaker]
Public Lecture at Asia Art Archive in America [speaker]
AAH at Royal College of Art, London [conference; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [speaker]

‘Circle the Square: Film Performance of Iimura Takahiko 1963-1970’ at post at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art [web; writer]
'Film Performances by Iimura Takahiko in the 1960s' at post at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art [online presentation; writer]
‘Site and Specificity in Japanese Expanded Cinema: Intermedia and its Development in the late-60s’ in Décadrages (no. 21) [journal; writer]
Conferences & Talks
Japanese Cinema Revisited at Meiji Gakuin University [workshop; co-convenor]
Panel (Intermedia and Japanese cinema) at Japanese Cinema Revisited workshop at Meiji Gakuin University [panel; chair]
Media Histories/Media Theories in East Asia at UC Berkeley, San Francisco [conference; speaker]
Hyosho Bunkaron Gakkai at Kansai University, Osaka [conference; speaker]
Talk at Tokyo University of the Arts [lecture; speaker]
Talk at Keio University Art Centre, Tokyo [workshop; participant]
Talk at DOMMUNE, Tokyo [public panel (web; speaker]

Guest Editor at Journal of Japanese & Korean Cinema (vol 3, no. 1) [journal issue; guest editor]
Conferences & Talks
Shuji Terayama: ‘Who can say that we should not live like dogs?’ at Tate Modern [symposium; invited speaker]
The Animate Image: Theorising the Reproducible Image in Asia at National University of Singapore [workshop; invited speaker]
Histories of Film Theories in East Asia at University of Michigan [conference; speaker]
British Association of Japanese Studies at University of East Anglia [conference; speaker]
Talk at Japan Foundation, London [invited speaker]
Talk at Place M Gallery, Tokyo [invited speaker]
Panel at Keio University Art Centre, Tokyo [workshop; participant]
Japanese Cinema at University of Glasgow [workshop; invited speaker]
Grants & Projects
Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship at Meiji Gakuin University [grant recipient]
BA module Introduction to World Cinema II at University of Leeds [co-convenor]
MA module World Cinemas at University of Leeds [contributing lecturer]
Class at University of Porto [lecturer]

Talks & Presentations
Art Theatre Guild of Japan: Spaces for Intercultural and Intermedial Cinema at Birkbeck University of London [symposium; co-convenor] 
Visual Underground: Theatre Scorpio & Japanese Experimental Cinema of the Sixties [symposium; invited speaker]
Cinema and Intermediality at RMIT University, Melbourne [workshop; invited speaker]
Kinema Japan XI at University of Vienna [conference; speaker]
Panel at KineClub XI: Japanese Cinema Spaces and Film Environments at University of Vienna [chair]
Grants & Projects
Japan Foundation Intellectual Exchange Conferences at Birkbeck University of London [grant co-recipient]
Worldwide Universities Network: Research Mobility Programme at University of Sydney [grant recipient]
BA module Introduction to World Cinema I at University of Leeds [co-convenor]
BA workshop Introduction to Literature and Film Analysis [co-convenor]
MA module World Cinemas [contributing lecturer]

Conferences & Talks
Breaking Boundaries: Alternative Approaches to Japanese Film at University of Leeds [symposium; co-convenor]
Grants & Projects
Worldwide Universities Network: Conference Grant [recipient]
MA module World Cinema at University of Leeds (contributing lecturer]
BA module Cinematic Themes [seminar tutor]

Grants & Projects
White Rose Research Studentship at University of Leeds [grant recipient]
Westfield Award at Queen Mary University of London [award recipient]