academic work

Julian is a postdoctoral research fellow on a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Westminster. He holds a PhD on 1960-70s Japanese Expanded Cinema at the University of Leeds, a topic on which he is currently preparing a single-authored publication. He teaches on MA modules at the University of Westminster and is currently researching the afterlife of the 35mm carousel slide projector. He is Series co-Editor of the IB Tauris World Cinema Series and department newsletter CREAM News.


NANG issue 4: In & Out, May 2018 [journal; co-editor with Maryam Tafakory]
'NO. 541 by Tomatsu Shomei' for Photography & Culture, vol. 14, July 2018 [journal article; co-writer with Jelena Stojkovic]
'Rebellion of the Body: Hijikata Tatsumi, Performance Documentation and Japanese Experimental Film' in Federico Windhausen (ed.), A Companion to Experimental Cinema [book chapter; writer]
'Experimental Film' in The Japanese Cinema Book (BFI) [book chapter; writer]
Essay on Tanaami Keiichi for Collective Cataloging Japan [website; writer]

Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited exhibition catalogue [writer; catalogue essay]
Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited exhibition catalogue [translator; catalogue essays]
Conferences & Talks
Invisible, Intermedia, Expanded – the Possibilities of Cinema at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (9 October) [symposium; speaker]
The Intermedial Avant-Gardes Workshop 3 at University of Edinburgh (24 February) [workshop; speaker]
Underground Adventures: Temporal Experimentation in Postwar Countercultures in Berlin (24-25 Mar 2017) [conference; speaker]
Screen conference at University of Glasgow (24-25 June) [conference; speaker]
NECS conference at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 (29 June - 1 July) [conference; speaker]
Theatricality and the Arts symposium at Lancaster University (23-24 Sep) [symposium; speaker]
The Moving Form of Film: Exploring Intermediality as a Historiographic Method at University of Reading (6-8 Nov) [conference; speaker]
1960s Japanese Expanded Cinema at NYU (10 March) [symposium; speaker]
Lav Diaz: Journeys at London Gallery West (27 January - 12 March) [symposium; co-convenor]
Attachments and Unknowns at Sa Sa Bassac, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (15-20 Jan) [workshop; participant]
MA module Film Programming and Moving Image Curating at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer; class 2016-17]
MA module Researching Histories in Asian Cinema at University of Westminster [co-convenor; class 2016-17]
MA Final Project [student research projects; supervisor]
Class at University of Reading [contributing lecturer]

‘Curating Problems for Expanded Cinema’ in Preservation, Radicalism and the Avant-Garde Canon [book chapter; writer]
パフォーマンスとしてのエクスパンデッド・シネマ in アメリカン・アヴァンギャルド・ムービー [book chapter; writer]
Conferences and Talks
Throwing Shadows: A Symposium on Japanese Expanded Cinema [symposium; convenor]
Galaxy ’67 at Asia Cultural Centre, Gwangju [symposium; speaker]
Talk at National Fine Art Museum Taiwan (13 Oct) [public talk; speaker]
Talk at Los Otros, Quezon, Philippines (16 Oct) [public talk; speaker]
Understanding Intermediality at University of Reading [workshop; respondent]
Talk at American University of Paris [speaker]
NECS at University of Potsdam [conference; speaker]
BAFTSS at University of Reading [conference; speaker]
ACLA at Harvard University [conference; speaker]
MA module Cinema: Distribution & Exhibition at University of Westminster [lecturer]
MA module Asian Cinemas at University of Westminster [co-convenor]
MA module Experimental Film at University of Westminster [contributing lecturer]
BA module Cinema & Transcultural at SOAS [contributing lecturer]
Class at SOAS [teacher]
Class at MRes LUX/Central St. Martin's [teacher]

PhD: ‘Beyond the Frames: Intermedia and Expanded Cinema in 1960-70s Japan’
, University of Leeds [PhD dissertation; writer]
‘Ethics of the Landscape Shot: A.K.A Serial Killer and James Benning’s portrait of criminals’ in Slow Cinema [book chapter; writer]
‘An infant with four breasts? Slide Projectors in Postwar Japanese Art’ in Photoresearcher (24) [journal article; writer]
‘Geological Time, the Anthropocene and Earthquake Sensitivities: An Interview with Kodwo Eshun’ in The Geological Imagination [book chapter; interviewer/writer]
Conferences & Talks
A Slideshow Effect? at The Photographers’ Gallery [panel; co-convenor with Jelena Stojkovic]
Talk at The Photographers’ Gallery [panel; speaker]
Kinema Japan at Goethe University, Frankfurt [conference; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [lecture; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [workshop; speaker]
Grants & Projects
Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at University of Westminster (2015-18) [grant recipient]
AHRC-FAPESP: Towards an Intermedial history of Brazilian Cinema: Exploring Intermediality as a Historiographic Method at University of Reading [collaborative project; advisory board member]

‘Projection as Performance: The Degrees of Intermediality in Japan’s Expanded Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s in Impure Cinema [book chapter; writer]
‘In the Realm of the Senses’ in Routledge Encyclopaedia of Film [book chapter; writer]
映画における直接行動in 赤瀬川原平 [book chapter; writer]
もうヨーロッパに何も期待しなくていいんだ』日本の非商業映画・実権映画ヨーロッパ公開史in 言語文化 (no. 30)  [journal article; writer]
Conferences & Talks
'Projection Installations in Japan, 1960s-1970s' for C-MAP at MoMA [speaker; workshop]
Globally in Artist’ Film & Video at University of Westminster [symposium; speaker]
Public Lecture at Asia Art Archive in America [speaker]
AAH at Royal College of Art, London [conference; speaker]
Talk at Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo [speaker]

‘Circle the Square: Film Performance of Iimura Takahiko 1963-1970’ at post at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art [web; writer]
'Film Performances by Iimura Takahiko in the 1960s' at post at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art [online presentation; writer]
‘Site and Specificity in Japanese Expanded Cinema: Intermedia and its Development in the late-60s’ in Décadrages (no. 21) [journal; writer]
Conferences & Talks
Japanese Cinema Revisited at Meiji Gakuin University [workshop; co-convenor]
Panel (Intermedia and Japanese cinema) at Japanese Cinema Revisited workshop at Meiji Gakuin University [panel; chair]
Media Histories/Media Theories in East Asia at UC Berkeley, San Francisco [conference; speaker]
Hyosho Bunkaron Gakkai at Kansai University, Osaka [conference; speaker]
Talk at Tokyo University of the Arts [lecture; speaker]
Talk at Keio University Art Centre, Tokyo [workshop; participant]
Talk at DOMMUNE, Tokyo [public panel (web; speaker]

Guest Editor at Journal of Japanese & Korean Cinema (vol 3, no. 1) [journal issue; guest editor]
Conferences & Talks
Shuji Terayama: ‘Who can say that we should not live like dogs?’ at Tate Modern [symposium; invited speaker]
The Animate Image: Theorising the Reproducible Image in Asia at National University of Singapore [workshop; invited speaker]
Histories of Film Theories in East Asia at University of Michigan [conference; speaker]
British Association of Japanese Studies at University of East Anglia [conference; speaker]
Talk at Japan Foundation, London [invited speaker]
Talk at Place M Gallery, Tokyo [invited speaker]
Panel at Keio University Art Centre, Tokyo [workshop; participant]
Japanese Cinema at University of Glasgow [workshop; invited speaker]
Grants & Projects
Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship at Meiji Gakuin University [grant recipient]
BA module Introduction to World Cinema II at University of Leeds [co-convenor]
MA module World Cinemas at University of Leeds [contributing lecturer]
Class at University of Porto [lecturer]

Conference & Talks
Art Theatre Guild of Japan: Spaces for Intercultural and Intermedial Cinema at Birkbeck University of London [symposium; co-convenor] 
Visual Underground: Theatre Scorpio & Japanese Experimental Cinema of the Sixties [symposium; invited speaker]
Cinema and Intermediality at RMIT University, Melbourne [workshop; invited speaker]
Kinema Japan XI at University of Vienna [conference; speaker]
Panel at KineClub XI: Japanese Cinema Spaces and Film Environments at University of Vienna [chair]
Grants & Projects
Japan Foundation Intellectual Exchange Conferences at Birkbeck University of London [grant co-recipient]
Worldwide Universities Network: Research Mobility Programme at University of Sydney [grant recipient]
BA module Introduction to World Cinema I at University of Leeds [co-convenor]
BA workshop Introduction to Literature and Film Analysis [co-convenor]
MA module World Cinemas [contributing lecturer]

Conferences & Talks
Breaking Boundaries: Alternative Approaches to Japanese Film at University of Leeds [symposium; co-convenor]
Grants & Projects
Worldwide Universities Network: Conference Grant [recipient]
MA module World Cinema at University of Leeds (contributing lecturer]
BA module Cinematic Themes [seminar tutor]

Grants & Projects
White Rose Research Studentship at University of Leeds [grant recipient]
Westfield Award at Queen Mary University of London [award recipient]